About the Brand

Bardees Designs is a home-grown designer label that creates colorful modern art, which reinterprets traditional lines and juggles different cultural sources of inspiration. While targeting women of all ages and various backgrounds, the label aims to create wearable pieces of art. Each piece being a collectable statement, the collections never follow regular trends or stereotypes. Instead, they are true pieces of art that standout as an addition to any wardrobe amidst the uniformity of fast fashion. Furthermore, the designer is always keen to provide the utmost comfort for her clients – through nailing the perfect cut, quality and finish.


About the Designer 

Born to a family that appreciates and collects art, Bardees Gamal Eldin's early years were punctuated with antiques. For as long as she can remember she has mastered the language of authentic art; being able to grasp their origins with one glimpse. Meanwhile, she has grown up to cultivate a sophisticated taste. Accordingly, details and cultural expression have always been embedded in her personality.

Her first collection came to light in 2015, when she decided to start her own atelier in Zamalek with one sewing machine, a seamstress and unconventional designs. Once the first order was confirmed, the designer instantly started to grow her team and address regional markets.